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We Freedive - Quality Freediving Education

We Freedive card with the word freediving in many languagesWe Freedive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the only AIDA Instructor Training Centre In South East Asia, offering quality instructor development and certification in close cooperation with AIDA International.

It is what we do: We Freedive. For us, Sarah Whitcher and Richard Wonka, Freediving is more than a sport, a business or a pastime. We live the dream and have made freediving our life. We have travelled far, explored freediving spots and taught freediving in many places. And now we have set up our school in Phuket, Thailand.

Based in Thailand, we are offering Quality Freediving Education™ also in Malaysia, Indonesia and throughout South East Asia.

We Freedive was established as the world's first mobile freediving school by Sarah Whitcher and Richard Wonka in 2008 in Dahab, then re-located onto two bicycle trailers travelling southbound through South East Asia. During one year of teaching in Thailand and Malaysia, the school quickly outgrew the bike trailers and We Freedive (Thailand) Co. Ltd. headquarters were set up in Phuket.

We Freedive now offers freediving courses for the absolute beginner and advanced freedivers. Our master freediver courses may even lead to the highest possible certified course in Freediving - The We Freedive AIDA Instructor.

Our instructor courses are open for highly motivated freedivers who want to put their name under quality freediving education, not only providing you with the wide knowledge base needed for well-founded education, but also adding real-life experience and tips and tricks that can only come from years and years of professional freediving. If you pass our instructor course, you are an instructor indeed. We wouldn't put our name on your card otherwise.

Over the years we have developed and now produce the We Freedive Float, that even in its first prototype stage already was the best freediving float on the planet and has since been refined in a constant process of prototyping and testing. (Our first ever prototype is still in use in the Red Sea and going stong.) Apart from this, we also distribute high quality freediving equipment like our (padded) longfin bags, selected Trygons products like the Trygons Noseclip and fluid goggles and other hand-picked equipment. In our shop in Chalong we only sell what we use and are convinced of ourselves.

As part of this selection, We Freedive is proud to be the exclusive distributor forSpecialFins Freediving Fins  In Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Who We Are

Sarah Whitcher (GBR)

  • _dsc9509

    AIDA Master Instructor and Judge
  • Member of AIDA Education
  • ASA Swimming Instructor
  • Lifeguard Trainer
  • Chief Executive Organiser

Sarah had been working as a Swimming Instructor and Personal Trainer for more than 16 years - teaching swimming to students of all ages and coaching Triathletes to competitive levels. After she took her first freediving course she quickly decided to become an instructor and focus her considerable skills on the underwater world. Having practised Yoga and worked in the fitness industry she found herself right at home in the world of freediving. Since 2008, Sarah is a professional freediver, known for her excellent coaching skills and comprehensive teaching experience. She is now using her extensive experience for the AIDA Educational Commission with which she is defining the Contents and Structure of the AIDA Educational Framework. Sarah is perfectly at home in the water and has an ability to project her love and enthusiasm for freediving that both encourages and motivates her students.

Richard Wonka (GER)

  • _dsc9241AIDA Instructor Trainer and Judge
  • Member of AIDA Education
  • Apnea Academy Instructor
  • Member of the German national team at the AIDA Team World Championships 2008

Richard comes from a background in the sciences. After earning a degree in Biology and Information Engineering he put his skills to use in pharmaceutical research and development before he dedicated his education and training to professional freediving in 2008.

Richard has been certified to instructor level by several agencies, most notably by Umberto Pelizzari of the Apnea Academy and AIDA International where he is now an Instructor Trainer, Judge and member of AIDA Education.

His dedicated training with some of the best freedivers in the world earned him a place in the German national team at the AIDA Team World Championships 2008 in Sharm El Sheikh. His competition experience now gets put to use in all We Freedive courses anywhere from training strategies to tips and tricks.

Before co-founding We Freedive with Sarah he had been working with several of the most active freediving schools in the world.

Defining the Standard in Freediving Education World Wide

AIDA International FreedivingAs members of the AIDA Educational Commission, we have been elected to put our expertise and experience into the education programme of AIDA International, the International Association for the Development of Apnea. Founded in 1992, AIDA defines the international standard of freeediving education.

In this role, we work on the further development of AIDA Education and its infrastructure, like the AIDA Education Online System Eos.